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(no subject) [Jul. 17th, 2008|11:00 pm]

This community will be ending. I enjoyed playing with everyone, and loved having you all here to participate in this little experiment, but it seems like it's time to move on. Thanks for playing!
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postings, time limits, etc [Jul. 17th, 2008|05:31 pm]

I'm going to be pretty busy with school until this upcoming Monday. You may have noticed there hasn't been time limits, so the pace of things are going to be a bit more relaxed, as in, you guys won't be able to accomplish major things on the Online version until at least then. I may not post much, either, but I'll try to stay in touch.

As long as the original post doesn't have a cut-off point listed, don't expect things to be hurried along.

Also, a request: please read the posts, even if you have to scroll down several posts to do so. There have been several comments made where it's painfully clear people aren't reading all the posts, or not even trying to comprehend them if they are. Some of the issues are rather complex, so read it again if you have to, or ask me (out of character) in the comments if you have any questions about anything.
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Baen [Jul. 11th, 2008|03:36 pm]
Baen ask, "What exactly are we doing with this Dwarven Hammer, and why?" What is our purpose and where did we get our information.

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New posts! [Jun. 24th, 2008|02:51 pm]

Check out the four new posts below!

Don't forget to keep July 5th open on your calendars, and sound off with any food suggestions.

When posting CHARACTER ACTIONS on Amistyr Online, please please use your character's name as the subject.

This means you might have to change the subject from somebody else's name to yours.

**EDIT** Axel's Legend Lore several posts down has been updated (I found the piece of paper I'd written it on).
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DM [Jun. 24th, 2008|02:19 pm]

Characters: Axel, Baen, Hjorlief, Steve
Date: Thorsday, November 10 ==> Moonday, January 10
Location: New Ylaruam / elsewhere ==> Dragonslayer's Inn and Dojo
Region: Central Ylaruam / elsewhere ==> Thyatia City
Country: Thyatian Empire (Duchy of Ylaruam ==> Duchy of Kerendas)

It's been two months since your most recent spate of travels. Everyone came back to the capitol and participated in the Footman's Games. Diana (after a re-match under suspicious circumstances) made it to second place, and thereby secured herself a Barony. Talk is, she will be installed as the Baroness of Kebir, in northern Ylaruam.

Axel's temple is coming along nicely -- the foundation has been laid, and stone is starting to come in regularly from Iboc.

Baen receives word that her Barony of Abbashan is starting to get the rebels under control, thanks to the assistance of troops from the Duke of Kerendas.

Hjorlief has done a good job cultivating a number of sympathetic contacts in the palace and some of the temples.

Steve is still training the Templars. In another month, if all goes well, some of them might know how to Read Magic. For the time being, however, he can't leave for more than a day or two at most, as there's still no replacement teacher.


The next day after Steve cast his divinations spells (see posts below), he suddenly comes running downstairs in the morning, disturbing everyone's breakfast.

"Er, well, everyone," he says to his fellow adventurers, "It seems Reiko is dead. Again. And, well, for good this time. I have very good reason to believe that she tried to contact that same infinite powers that told me about Axel, except I don't think she could handle it."

Steve stops, as if considering something that just occurred to him.

"Than again," he says slowly, "her most powerful spellbooks weren't there. I wonder if there could be foul play involved?"
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The Rules of Amistyr [re-post] [Jun. 24th, 2008|01:19 pm]

Rule #1: Your Character Cannot Die

This is the rule that defines what it means to play a semi-retired character. The pace of life slows down, and you begin to worry more about your investments and grandkids rather than the day-to-day hustle and bustle.

The characters in this game have moved far beyond the grubby realities that concerned them when they were crawling through murky dungeons in the past. Not only do the characters have far more important things to think about, but there are very few things left in this world that even have the ability to kill the characters.

Don't think that this takes out any suspense. Your character can still be beaten, humilated, maimed and broken, as well as have powers and lands and self-respect taken away. But they can't be killed while on this message board, with one and a half exceptions.

The first exception is the Rule of Stupidity. If you do something unbelievably stupid after I have warned you how stupid it is, you get one final warning, wherupon I will say [and don't think I won't cut-and-paste this for effect]: "I am invoking the Rule of Stupidity if you continue in this manner." At that point, your Rule #1 protection vanishes.

The other half exception is if we play a game of D&D in real life, at the table top. At that point, the characters will have come out of retirement, and all the normal rules of D&D apply. These rules are only for playing on Amistyr.

Rule #2: You Are Not Your Character

Your character is not always automatically aware of everything that's posted in this forum. There is a very distinct difference between who you are, and who your character is. To help clarify the occasionally blurry line between the two, the following conventions will be followed in future posts.

A) When your post regards your character's actions, in any way (including any possible dialogue between two characters), the post's subject line should be changed to that of your character's name. Any text in that post becomes actions or speech (even if not in quotes) that the character goes out of their way to make clear to the other characters present.

B) Any post that does not contain only your character's name as the subject line will become commentary and/or speculation, to be understood as the writings of you (the player) and nothing more.

C) Your character is not aware of any posts covered under part B). In addition, your character is not aware of any post covered under part A) that did not happen in his/her immediate vicinity. Every character is automatically aware of special News posts (these represent things that everyone in the world knows, or could easily know).

D) I will delete any post made where your character appears, to my knowledge, to be acting on out-of-character knowledge, i.e., information your character could not possibly have known.

Rule #3: We Do Not Talk About Amistyr

Just kidding.

Rule #4: Your Character Has An Auto-Pilot

If no response is heard from a player by the cutoff time listed in each "DM" post, your character will act to the best of my abilites to make them act, although always in a somewhat cautious and conservative manner. In situations pulling your character in different directions, this may result in indecision on your character's part. In situations involving the passage of time, I'll assume your character is simply living their normal life, managing their properties and so forth.
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Steve's Divinations about Axel and Opal [Jun. 24th, 2008|12:44 pm]

Steve cast "Legend Lore" to find out more about Axel. What he got was this riddle:


Forged by the Break and tempered by the Blood, this Blade of the Sun shall sear the world before he is sheathed at last. Led astray by the Voice of the Serpent -- having cast itself from the beginning in the form of the Golden Child -- he split the Holy before returning from Darkness with the First Light. If placed upon the proper Hilt and wielded by a strong Hand, this Blade shall pierce an immortal Heart chosen by the Hand and split the Day from Night.


Next, Steve reached into that last amorphous blight of insanity that bubbles and blasphemes at the center of all infinity, [cast Contact Other Plane] and contacted the dark gods of the chaos void. He spoke with their hideous soul and messenger, who drove Steve insane. Fortunately, Axel was on-hand to mend this.

Keeping in mind that the Outer Gods do not always tell the truth, Steve got the sense that the words of the Legend Lore were literal, and that Axel is actually physically a sword, or has one inside him. He suspects that the "Break" is Rhythmax (he used to be called the Worldbreaker), and the "Blood" is Vermilion Bloodbane.

Steve then asked how Rhythmax could be killed by the Dragonslayers in the next two months, and was told it was not possible.

Next, Steve asked how to best get the Hammer of Kharas from the dwarves, in the next two months -- the answer:


First, you must forge an alliance with as many of the following as possible: the Gray Knights, the Thorn Knights, the Godkillers, the Lava Elves, the Djinni, the Efreeti, the Protectors, the Templars, the Dragon Dojo, the Border Mages, and the Hashashalim.

Then, have them all attack the dwarves in many places, trying to kill key dwarven figures and take the hammer. Because Vermilion Bloodbane is helping the dwarves, some of these will be diversions. But still, this must be a serious attempt, and they will need to survive long enough for everyone else to accomplish their tasks.

While they're doing this, at least one group will have to go to the Great Crater of Glantri. There is hidden something that Vermilion Bloodbane must protect, and he will come to that group. This group must be able to defeat or hold off Vermilion long enough for the other groups to accomplish their tasks.

In the final group(s) that get to the Thane of Thanes, must also go along Despar and Reiko. They will be crucial to finally obtaining the Hammer of Kharas.


Finally, Steve cast Contact Other Plane to talk to Opal. (Again, keep in mind Opal may lie to Steve)

"Which Order of Opal is the true one?" he asked first.

NONE OF THEM, came the answer.

"How should Axel bring your faith to Ethengar?" he asked next.


"What should Axel do about Amar-Sen, the mummy-king?" Steve asked finally.


Let me know if I left anything out.
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Don't forget July 5th! [Jun. 24th, 2008|12:18 am]

What: D & D action
Where: Me and Virginia's place
When: Saturday, July 5th from 12 pm - 6 pm
Why: Cockrubbing, ass-sex, your mom; the usual
How: Hmmm. I guess there will be paper involved. And pencils. And dice?!

Getting here earlier than noon is A-Okay, it will give us more time. Staying after 6 pm is not acceptable; VA and I have an anniversary dinner to attend. Sorry, you guys ain't invited! :P

We'll also try and get all the residual stuff out of the way beforehand, using this here Amistyr Online! Anybody who doesn't get stuff done that they want to, before we sit down at the table: tough.

Now, for the important part: what will our food plans be? If we get it done beforehand, we'll actually have more time to play. I know, crazy-talk.

P.S. There will be a Reese's Tax.
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Update [Feb. 5th, 2007|04:06 pm]

Yes, it's been a while. Yes, I've had school and work and all the usual stuff, but the main delay and lack of activity here has come down to tedious record-keeping.

Specifically, I started jotting down all the info neccesary to keep track of each person's barony/jarldom/temple lands/whatever, and realized it was going to be insane for me to keep track of everything on paper, especially given the calculations involved. By far the best way to do it would be cross-referenced spreadsheets, and even though I've taken a crack at it, I don't really have the time or the inclination to do a bunch of those right now.

So what I'm asking is this: anybody who'd like to help me make a spreadsheet, hopefully one that could work as a basic template for everybody, let me know. I can send you a list of all the information that's gonna be needed; I'll probably just plug in the equations on top of it once it's done.

If not, I'll just have to get around to it whenever I'm struck with amazing willpower again.
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Axel's Prayers... [Jan. 5th, 2007|11:20 pm]

Opal, I'm sorry for my part in killing the Penis-Faced Giant-Men. It was an impulsive and irresponsible thing to do, and I'm sure it could have been avoided if I insisted on a more diplomatic way to deal with them. We got so caught up in what we easily dismissed as 'self-defense' that we forgot we were invading their home, and they were the ones defending themselves.

I understand that my hand caused the destruction of a noble race. They were intriguing, no written language and little tangible history... it seemed like all their lives were passed on through legends and anecdotes. We destroyed whatever the world might have gained from their peaceful existence. I may have said how I felt about it then, as we dropped one after another... but I should have acted.

We really were bloodthirsty and arrogant. I really was too hungry for power.

Forgive my sins, Holy One. If possible, I will learn what I can of this race and try to pass on their legacy as they would wish it to be.

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